Annuity sales are booming.
Don't get left behind!

Three red hot ideas to light up your annuity sales.

Annuity sales are up, are yours?1 Today’s consumers are bombarded with conflicting news stories about an economy that - though currently healthy - may be heading toward a recession.

The sheer volume of retirees who are in need of retirement income, combined with a degree of economic uncertainty, has created a unique opportunity to boost your annuity sales using three simple techniques that we’ve refined and provided to highly successful producers for years!

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Profitable Prospecting
Close More Sales
Generate More Referrals

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Prospect profitably

As a financial pro in today’s marketplace, you know full-well that prospecting is expensive and that the old ways of identifying prospects are saturated and played out. Thanks to years of experience and a full team of seasoned professionals and proven resources, we can show you how to:

  • Get paid for prospecting
  • Generate leads and referrals
  • Develop a lead generation system that builds a downline of agents

Close sales now

Get your hands on three simple, point of sale tools that are already producing big results for some of our $10+ million producers. These are tools you can utilize to close sales, increase revenue and build lasting relationships with your clients.

The Gradient Annuity Bundle includes proven resources like:

  • Power of Green Money
  • Math of Rebounds
  • Perception vs. Reality

Generate more referrals

Do you know how indexes are really performing or do you learn the hard way during annual reviews? Innovative crediting methods and hybrid indexes have created opportunities for you and your clients to see how these indexes are really stacking up!

Get your monthly Index Performance Report:

  • See 2018 year-to-date and the one, five and 10-year performance of more than 50 indexes
  • Know how they compare against the S&P 500
  • Educate yourself on what carriers are offering the top performers

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